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Customer Testimonials

Date: December 28th, 2009
Name: Russ A.
Company: Brozra Web Solutions LLC
Working with He and I Construction in a business aspect has been great! Upon request, their staff has always provided my company with the necessary information to provide them with a quality product. And while working with them it was obvious that they are one of the best construction companies in the area!
Brozra Web Solutions LLC

Date: March 11th, 2010
Name: Jeff Trottem
He and i Construction, Inc. is a very customer-oriented firm. I had one small problem during my entire home remodel, and it was fixed the same day. On top of that, their prices were competitive considering they were referred to me as "the best in town!" I will definitely call them if I were to purchase a home to fix up and sell, but my current house will not be in need of work for a long time! Thanks again guys!

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