Vincent Alfaro, Jr., Supervisor

Vincent Alfaro, Jr., brother of Al Alfaro, has been a great addition to the image of our firm. He is very knowledgeable about construction and the top motivated employee of He and I Construction. Vincent came in as a supervisor with 20 years Management experience from a different firm. He quickly made the transition into construction management, and was able to learn the process of construction management and supervision quickly based on his past management experience. Vincent is detail oriented and is always looking out for the best interest of the company. He strives on providing a system for the employees to follow per project, and enforces that system effectively to the point where the employees complete each project in a timely manner which meet the estimated time that Vincent anticipated. He is very detail oriented and provides numbers and statistics that he gathers throughout the life of his contract. His quality management skills and social skills have provided He and I Construction a respectable reputation, because he has a tendency to learn the customer and inspector and settle for nothing less than perfection. As supervisor for He and I Construction, he is always finding ways to provide higher quality service in less time and develop systems that improve these areas on each project.