Todd Campain, Project Manager

Todd Campain is also a Project Manager with He and I Construction. Todd is a very capable individual who is knowledgeable in many other fields to include, but not limited to, Information Technology, General Construction, Contracting, and Business Management. His knowledge is beneficial to our company as a Project Manager working in the office. He is able to provide professional repair to our in-house computers, vehicles, and internet hardware. Although our firm rarely has computer problems, Todd is there to make repairs as we need them, and stays completely involved with his day to day operations as Project Manager. With his knowledge in every trade of construction, he's able to see problems with specialty work before anyone else and can request a problem to be fixed even when the specialist is confident he did it right.

Todd has the unique ability to inspect a job and find problems that most professional specialists cannot find. Todd began working with He and I Construction and immediately took steps toward its success. Today, Todd is still a very motivated individual, and has been known to work longer hours then anyone within the company. He is a talented individual and an asset to He and I Construction.