Lucille Alfaro, Vice-President/Owner

Lucille Alfaro, Vice-President, has been a key person in the success of He and I Construction. She has been in charge of company funds since the day the company began. Lucille, wife of Al Alfaro, has kept track of company funds, recorded important company information, written and organized contracts, as well as other important paperwork within the business. She also operates as the company accountant and issues checks every Friday for the company. She also has a large influence in the decisions of the company, and how the money is spent. With this type of cost control, He and I Construction has been very effective in saving money, allocating funds, and organizing our funds for the future our company. Without Lucille, He and I Construction may not have been as profitable as we are today which has allowed us to gain higher bonding limits and respect as a firm from our bank and subcontractors.