Jerry Cardenaz, Project Manager

Jerry Cardenaz has been with He and I Construction since its establishment in 1995. He was one of the owners when the company first started and is now a Project Manager and also a key person in the success of the company. Jerry is known as "the initiator". The projects that have been completed throughout the life of He and I Construction have mostly been overseen by Jerry. The quality of work and experience provided by Jerry Cardenaz has helped He and I Construction gain a competitive advantage because Jerry has been effective in finishing projects early or on time, inspecting the quality of work, and meeting with customers and inspectors to ensure the job is completed to full specifications. Jerry now oversees projects locally and in the surrounding areas, and is efficient in providing job satisfaction. Jerry knows how to motivate employees - this ensures employees finish projects in a timely manner and also produce high quality work. He regularly meets with customers and contracting officers to discuss specifications per the Statement of Work(SOW), and outlines every detail to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Jerry has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, and any one can tell, this is a man that is very passionate about his job. His passion and dedication has also contributed to the He and I Construction success which went from a new business to a multi-million dollar business. With this in mind, Jerry and Al are still young individuals, therefore, He and I Construction, with the help of them as a team, will continue to excel in the construction industry and spread throughout the entire region.