Emmanuel Alfaro, Marketing Manager

Emmanuel Alfaro, older brother of Valentine and son of Al Alfaro, has been working with He and I Construction since its establishment. As a part of the family business, he has also decided to further his education at Cameron University majoring in Business Management. As he gets closer to his graduation date, he has learned the importance and effectiveness of his position, and generates ideas for the company. He is a self-motivated individual that knows the company inside and out from minor details to important company information that only a select few are capable of viewing. Generally, he is the "go to" guy for putting together packages and important company documents. He is very technical in preparing these documents, and reviews packages to include all the details. With this in mind, He and I Construction can use his services to move into new markets, and to make it possible to move into different markets or new opportunities for the company such as Mentor/Protégé agreements, Joint Ventures, New Ventures, etc.