Al Alfaro, President/Owner

Mr. Alfaro has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. His motivation along with early partners helped the company grow into the success it has become today. Al Alfaro has been publicly recognized and awarded the 2006 Oklahoma Minority Small Business Person of the Year through the Small Business Administration, a great achievement, which he keeps posted next to his desk as a constant reminder of the company's early and continued success.

Al has a knack for business, and has learned that staying competitive, interacting with customers, employees, and subcontractors, as well as using effective management while being a fair and honest person, have all been key components to his success. Unlike most contractors, he prefers to listen to the customer and provide the best service to fit that particular customer's needs. If any customer is not satisfied Al has been known to always find a way to make things right! He has always been dedicated to satisfying every customer and that's a great quality our customers learn about He and I Construction.

Mr. Alfaro worked as a supervisor of Tate Construction in the '80s and early '90s, and eventually became a Supervisor/Estimator. With his newfound knowledge of running crews and estimating projects, he was ready to move on to bigger and better things. Originally, when he started the company, there were only two older model vehicles and just two workers providing all the services. Their projects would range from a few hundred dollars up to $30,000 and sometimes a bit larger projects. Eventually, Al researched and found ways to advance the company to bring in larger profits. Because of his motivation and passion of succeeding in business, he was able to develop relationships and certifications that allowed the company to excel to the next level. Since its inception, He and I Construction has become a General Contractor providing a majority of its services to government, commercial, and residential customers. The company now has its own facility, over 10 vehicles and 23 employees. Projects range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $6 million dollar 5-year contracts. With his type of work ethic and business skills, He and I Construction is one of the leading competitors in Southwest Oklahoma in regards to construction. Although our status is much higher than when He and I was established, he still keeps our community close by offering minor service and repairs to local residents.